Thank you for your interest in my work. If it brings you joy, serenity, or perhaps inspiration, it was done for you.

Although brought to completion by my hands, I believe that each sculpture is still missing an essential element. That is the emotional and aesthetic engagement which can only come to fruition if it resonates with you, its viewer.

Each of my sculptures is a spontaneous expression of discovery, begun with no preconceived idea as to final shape or scale. I utilize clay which is microscopically imbedded with paper fiber so as to enhance its structural integrity during creation. The alchemy of kiln-fire yields wonder. Vessels which were shaped by even the slightest nuance of touch achieve lasting presence. Rich colors of glaze emerge in counterpoint to the earth tones of exposed clay surfaces.

My wish for this work is that, in a myriad of untold ways, it brings lasting beauty to your life. If so, its purpose from the very beginning has been fulfilled.